We have only NPP and NDC, no other alternative- Business mogul

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We have only NPP and NDC, no other alternative- Business mogul

Currently, as we speak, as a country, we have only two formidable parties, i.e, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

We have no other third force party to contest them head-to-head. A business man and a Business Consultant in Accra, Mr. Theophilus Adomako has disclosed.

Speaking to Filasco DeGeneral exclusively at Miklin Hotel in Kumasi today, the Business mogul opined that, Ghanaians should rally their supports for the two main parties to help develop the country.

He added that, “until there become a solid 3rd force party to compete them, these two parties, NPP and NDC will run the country forever, therefore, we need to help them to build the nation the way we want it to be”.

“Both parties have at least 48% of voters each, it would not be so easy for another party to challenge them in this political dispensation”, he added saying they need our support to succeed.

Mr. Adomako stressed that, until the mass come together and say, enough is enough, we don’t want these two parties again, and form a new party to overthrow them from power, nothing will change in our election pattern, it would be either NDC or NPP, winning.

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