Today is not a salvation day- Apostle to 31st night church goers

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Today is not a salvation day- Apostle to 31st night church goers

Today, 31st December, 2021, the only day left in the year 2021 in order to cross to 2022 (new year).

Every church in Ghana, classrooms, football fields and other playing grounds would be crowded with worshippers.

Spacious arena, most streets in especially Kumasi would all be filled with people tonight, from 9pm-11:59pm.

People are going to be gathered at the aforementioned few places to praying and worshiping the most High God for his blessings, favour protection and all kinds of prayer requests including marriage favour, business prosperity, travelling mercy, more-money-more-cash and a lot, as we are entering the new year, 2022.

After 31night, i.e January 1, the new year, almost 99.9% of the first timers who visited churches and other worshiping arenas to worship God never step foot into church again.

A day after the 31st night, majority of same people termed as ’31st night church goers’ would filled up night clubs, hotels, spots and bear bars and hail satanic activities by engaging in all kinds of social vices.

They would return to church, only on 31st December night.

This, according to the Founder and Leader of Connerstone Bible Church International with it’s headquarters at Ayigya in Ashanti Region is a disservice to God.

His Eminence, Apostle God-Bless Boateng in an interview with Filasco DeGeneral today said, it denigrate the work of God and odiumises mankind in the presence of God.

He elaborated that, people should understand, that, 31st night is not salvation day adding that, one cannot be saved only by churching on 31st December and stop going to church in the next year.

He opined that, ” if you are thinking that going to church on 31st night is all about your salvation, I’m sorry, you are lost.

But, even if you’re a first timer on 31st night and you continue to worship God in the new year, God can save you but if not, then my brother/sister, forget”, His Eminence stressed.

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