Christians cautioned to stay away from Christmas Celebration, 31st night

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Christendom have been cautioned to bar themselves from celebrating Christmas festivity and observation of 31st night as it go against the biblical norms.

The Founder and Leader of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy in the Eastern Region, Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo who made this known is admonishing Christians to as a matter of urgency stop celebrating the eve and linking it to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo declared that no book in the bible recorded the word ‘Christmas’ or that Jesus was born on December 25.

According to him, December 25 is a date originally set aside by the ancient Romans for Mars festival by the worshippers of the sun.

Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo said that the birth of Jesus Christ was subsequently co-opted into the same date to give the Mars festival more popularity and then renamed ‘Christmas’.

He warned the modern Christians to stop promoting such unbiblical celebration.

According to him, Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy has decided to henceforth engage members in various spiritual activities during such periods and other public holidays to discourage them from partaking in such unscriptural celebration.

Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo said this in a press briefing today to address Christians on the consequences of celebrating christmas and 31st Night observation.
Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo said such activities was a total blasphemy.

Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo further appealed to drivers to be disciplined during and after the festive season.

He said it was important for drivers to regard their profession as one of the most important life-saving one, that ought to be taken more seriously because any act of misconduct would not only tarnish the image of the driving profession but lead to preventable deaths.

Apostle Kadmiel Agbalanyo said the time had come for the drivers to let their skills bear on the discharge of their duties just as medical doctors do to save lives at the hospital, adding that the issue of road accident could be minimized by being extra vigilant in their performances.

By: Kofi Yesu(Vision1FM Accra)

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