Wrong timing of implementing policies; Ghana’s woes- Political Analyst

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A Political Analyst and Lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has stated that, Ghana is underdeveloped because of inconvenient time of implementing policies by Politicians.

According to the Senior Political Science Lecturer, Dr. Amakye Boateng, many of the policies implemented by our politicians were good but timing was inappropriate.

Citing One Village One Dam (1V1D) as an example, the political said the idea was good but it’s implementation was wrong and didn’t leave up to the expectation.

“We all know the 1V1D was a good policy idea, but have we achieved the aim of implementing the policy?  Instead of putting in much efforts to build the dams in such a way that, it rectify the water scarcity challenge of the people, we politicised it, and do it anyhow”.

The purpose of constructing the dams to helping the people mostly in the North has lost”, Dr. Amakye.

Politics ought to fetch development for a nation but otherwise in Ghana.

He said, our leaders implement policies, spend huge sum of money on it but become waste at the end because of poor implementation.

He also said people holding and managing government programs are really not helping the country.

“With all the mineral resources we have as a country, we are unable to develop. Ghana is rich in mineral resources than any country in the world but we are still crawling in terms of development”, he lamented.

The Senior Lecturer of History and Political Studies Department at the KNUST, Dr. Kwasi Amakye Boateng disclosed this in an interview with Filasco DeGeneral at Micklin Hotel.

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