Very urgent: Report illegal charge by any accredited NHIS health facility to the following office

National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) has notified that, the scheme has beome aware of some illegal charges by some accredited NHIS providers from NHIS Members more especially on Services and Medications that are insured or covered under the NHIS benefits Package.

NHIS is therefore reminding all providers that such act(s) amounts to holding harm of the NHIS Members which is a clear contravention of “Section 18(a) of the Master Provider Agreement”.

“The Provider agrees to release and hold harmless a Subscriber (NHIS Member) for any payment required to be made by the NHIA or NHIS for services provided pursuant to the terms of this agreement.”

“The general public is also reminded to draw closer to NHIS office to know all the ailments(diseases and drugs) covered under the NHIS or any ongoing NHIS public education especially in the media”.

Without doubt, 95% of the following services and Medications are covered under NHIS benefits package:

1. Out-patient services (OPD) General and specialist, Consultations including reviews

2. In patient services (lPD), those on admissions

3. Oral Health services

4. Eye Care services

5. Maternity Care including Antenatal and Postnatal care

6. Emergencies services.

Giving the details to Filasco DeGeneral on Monday, December 20, 2021, the Sunyani Municipal Manager of NHIS, Mr. Maxwell Mahama  pleaded to NHIS customers not to pay for any of the above services provided by any hospital.

“The NHIS is a GOLDEN TRIPOD and values the relationship with both NHIS Member and NHIS accredited Provider. Always remember that your unhindered financial access to Health care is as much your responsibility as it is ours”.

He said if anyone is in doubt, the person should contact the NHIS office for assistance on the following number.

+233 24 377 2642

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