Breaking news; Illegal Charging: Bono regional hospital caught dupping NHIS clients

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The Bono regional hospital has been found of charging NHIS clients illegally.

The Sunyani Municipal Manager of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Mr. Maxwell Mahama has therefore asked the Bono regional hospital in the capital to immediately put a stop to what he described as illegal charges.

According to the NHIS manager, the act of the hospital burdens NHIS clients.

Mr. Mahama in an interview with FILASCO DEGENERAL on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 has vowed that, he would never supervise the hospital’s illegality.

He said, “could you believe that, NHIS client was made to pay GHc543.80 by the hospital. After our team visited the facility to factcheck, out of the 543.80ghc the client was made to pay, after our team visited the facility she is to pay 111ghc?”

This means the hospital had charged the client 432ghc extra. Saying it is highly incredible.

“The reason for charging this illegal monies from clients is that ,the hospital has a software which contains insured drugs and non insured drugs.

This their so called software system is completely unknown to NHIS”, the peeved NHIS manager fumed.

The Sunyani Municipal NHIS manager has therefore charged clients to report any inconvenience that would be meted out to them to their office for quick intervention.

Below are the receipts for confirmation.

You can call the NHIS MANAGER

+233 24 377 2642

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