Residents call for help over dangerous tidal wave

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The residents of Lankpa, a suburb of Kokrobitey in the Gomoa East have made passionate appeal to government to come to their aid over tidal wave.

According to the disturbed residents in an interview with the press today, the situation is getting out of hands as people would be forced to evacuate their accommodations close to the sea to protecting their lives.

They said, the problem will escalate if government and other stakeholders that matters in the building of sea defence fail to intervene immediately.

They sadly disclosed that, he tidal wave has demolished a lot of their properties therefore calling on the government to tackle the issue as an urgent one.

The Manager of the Tropical Breeze Gardens at the area, Mrs. Karl Ama speaking to the press on behalf of the people revealed that, she has been with the people in the area for the past 22 years and have invested hugely on the beach at Lankpa in order to make the area tourist attraction and promote development but was quick to adding that, the intensity of the tidal wave is gradually destroying all their business centers around the sea incurring huge debt on them.

boost tourism When Madam Ama Karl, who was the directoress of Tropical Breeze Gardens was speaking with Obiri Yeboah Fentemfrem junior, said, she has be in Lankpa and its surroundings since 1999, and she has invested much on the beach at Lankpa to promotes tourist attraction, but the problem they are facing was the breeze coming out the sea, and it’s been devastating all their properties and investment they have incurred on the beach.

She said they have written series of letters to the responsible headquarters to solution but to no avail.

She is therefore appealing to the government to as a matter of urgency step in adding that, she has raised some amount of funds to initiate constructing of sea defence but needs support from the government.

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