Use inmates to clean Ghana and save money- Health Officer to Gov’t

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The Environmental Health Officer of Bekwai Municipality of the Ashanti Region is entreating Government to consider using inmates to clean the country.

According to Mr Eric Cudjoe on a Kumasi based Silver FM’s morning show today, November 26,2021, he said said government should implement a policy which will compel all prisons in the country to take the prisoners out on a regular basis to tidy the streets.

He said the move if adopted will save the government money revealing that huge sums of fund spent on Sanitation will reduce drastically if we initiate the policy.

When asked by the host, Nana Ampratwum about the cost of it, Mr. Cudjoe opined that, government is spending on these inmates already therefore he will not admonish for any extra cost.

“My brother, you and I know that government is spending huge sum of money on these prisoners without getting any benefit, so if we bring them to the field to work, it will be a plus to the nation”, he stressed during the interview monitored by filasconews.

Further he elaborated that, it will also serve as a proper way of reforming or changing their lives from bad to good explaining that, “when the come to work on the streets, their friends and relatives will see them and it will be a deterrent to them to avoid engaging in activities that will put them in the net of such humiliation”.

He unearthed that, our chocked gutters will be desilted to prevent flooding too.

The benefits are numerous. It will decongest the prison room and prevent common diseases amongst them like cholera, rashes and others.

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