Breaking News: Taxi driver shot dead by Fetish Priest

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A taxi driver has been shot to death by a fetish priest at Agogooso, suburb of Dompoase in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti Region.

According to an eye witness, Kwadwo Anokye, the deceased, Antwi Bismark wake up in the early hours of Monday, November 22,2021 to commence his taxi business around 8am.

Anokye added that, the deceased offloaded his first passengers at a nearby community called Ahensan and when returning to the station, he met the gun welding fetish priest by name Collins.

“The fetish priest was shooting into the air continuously indicating his presence in the spiritual realm. Unfortunately for the taxi, direction went wrong and gun pointed to his chest. The priest fired the gun and at the spot, Antwi Bismark died on the spot”, eye witness, Kojo Anokye told filasconews today, November 23,2021.

He said the deceased, Antwi Bismark and the suspect fetish priest are believed to be in their early 30s.

The body of Antwi has been deposited at Benito Hospital at Dompoase morgue for autopsy and preservation whiles the fetish priest is in the custody of the Dompoase police to aid investigation.

Taxi Driver, Bismark Antwi left wife and children.

You can call him

Kwadwo Anokye (Eye witness)

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