Minerals Commission commences reclamation of lands and abandoned galamsey pits

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Minerals Commission has commenced reclamation of all abandoned pits by illegal miners popularly known as galamseyers.

The move is to get all pits created by these galamseyers reclaimed.

Mr. Joejo Tibu-Darko, the Consultant for the Commission has disclosed that, government is Committed to reclaiming every single land destroyed through the works of illegal miners adding that, the government has set up body to regulate the activities of miners to wash away the illegalities in the mining sector. 

He made this known to the press when the commission arrived at Bosome-Freho District of the Ashanti Region to carry out their reclamation work tasked them by the government.

He revealed, the program is nationwide as government is poised banning illegal mining and covers their abandoned pits endangering lives.

“In Ashanti Region, areas like Bosome Freho, Bosomtwe, Konongo etc. have all being captured to reclaim ruined lands by illegal mining activities”, Joejo added.

He stressed that, the harm done by galamseyers to some Communities in Ghana such as the aforementioned areas is an-eye-saw which needs immediate intervention to safe the people and properties on it.

He also opined that, government has put in place mechanisms to monitor Mercury content in our soils to find a way of draining them unearthing that drones have bee dispatched to all the mining regions to commence the Gio-Science activity pointing out that Five (5) regions including the Ashanti Region have selected piloting of the Mercury draining program to ensure smooth and effective outcome if rolled out nationwide in some few months to come.

The Minerals Commission officer finally urged galamseyers to as a matter of urgency cover their pits before the D-Day.

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