2022 Budget: You’ve really disappointed us- Ashanti Region residents

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Citizens in the Ashanti Region say they are really disappointed in the government for the regular failure to the people in the region. They have criticised the government over what they described as “intentional disappointment”.

According to the peeved residents in an interview with filasconews today, November 19,2021 to share their views on the 2022 budget statement, they said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has disappointed the people in the region saying no development has being erected in the region to help the natives.

They disclosed that, the government always promise and fail them all because the region is their world bank therefore, they have been taken for granted citing an example to buttress their argument, they pointed Sofoline interchange saying the government always pledge to complete it and yet, the interchange is yet to be completed.

The market women amongst the interviewees stated that, government promised to support them with some funds but only few party people were selected.

The residents said, they were expecting the budget to call for drastic reduction on fuel but failed to address and rather worsened things.

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta on Wednesday, November 17, presented to parliament the 2022 budget statement.

In the statement, the Minister pointed out that, the government will carry out massive development in the region especially roads, this according the residents in the region is just a chameleon tactics to deceive them.

“We don’t trust this government anymore, they always promise and fail us all because they know Ashanti Region is for them and we are committed to voting for them in any election”, they opined.

To them, the so called ‘agyenka budget” did not capture any thing important to the people but has worsened their burden.

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