EAI Schools Ghanaians on the MOMO Taxes against salary increment filled in the 2022 budget



Fellow countrymen, be informed about the below analysis.

Look, gross salary had been increased by 4% and net salaries from the BANK to MOMO (1+1.75%) deduction, then from MOMO to your pocket another (1+1.75%). The net salary is being charged 5.5% and then the government takes 3.5% from your net salary apart from the TAX on the GROSS!.

Hence, mathematically, there is no increment of salary but rather decrement.

This is the meticulous analysis for the ordinary Ghanaian.
Besides, do not forget that this very government which is full of the men has jettisoned the country into scarcities meanwhile we have all the resources.

Unfortunately, the options are egregious and Ghanaians do not know where to go. The same eccentric leaders.

As a concern citizen, I would advise the government to move Ghana from taxation to industrialization as promised in 2016 election campaign. Even Ivory Coast government having insufficient resources is doing better in terms of economic development and many Ghanaians are migrating. Nana and Bawumia, humbly do something for we are groaning. Ghana first.


Boadi William
CEO of EAI, Educationist and a Motivational Speaker.

S. K. Ofori (Hon) Political Analyst, EAI.




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