“We are suffering because we’ve rejected our local herbs”- Dr. Samuel exposes


Herbal Practitioner has admonished Ghanaians to reconsider their traditional ways of healing and curing of diseases in order to avert rampant outbreak of ailments such as like hepatitis, diabetes etc. which were so easy to be treated in the olden days with our local herbs.

The CEO of Amagashie Herbal and Spiritual Clinic, Dr Samuel Amagashie has stated that, the public has abandoned the traditional way of healing and now suffering so we should go back and take our traditional medicine so that they can live long and stay healthy.

According to him, the reasons why there are so many diseases nowadays is that we have abandoned our traditional herbs and rely on this orthodox medicines.

Addressing the Media on Tuesday, November 16,2021, he said, in the olden days, when someone is in a critical condition and he/she is given a herbal drug within the shortest possible time the disease is out of the body but nowadays, this orthodox medicine is rather increasing the diseases.

He added that, look at how the world is going because of the orthodox, Many diseases has been in the system and it doesn’t cure but making it worst.

Dr Amagashie is therefore urging the general public to go back and take the herbal medicine which our ancestors were using.

Let’s take the herbal medicine serious if we want to live a healthy life and also live long as our great ancestors did.

Dr Samuel Amagahie


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