Mpasaaso Nyamebekyere Basic School has only one teacher- Visit to the school unearths this sad news


Mpasaaso Nyamebekyere Basic School has only one teacher- Chief,Students share sad story

Mrs. Osei Faustina, a retired Lecturer has to return to classroom to offer her service to the pupils of Mpasaaso Nyamebekyere Basic School in the Ahafo Ano South West as there are no teachers in the school.

The Chief of the community, Nana Antwi Agyei and  the Assembly member, Hon. Isaac Mensah had to reached out to the pensioner Madam to defy all odds and go back to the black board to help the school.

As we speak, the KG pupils in the school cross Ninety (90) excluding the other classes, Madam Faustina teaches all of them.

Watch the state of the school here

The Chief explained to this reporter, Kwabena Wireko a.k.a Unofficial Lawyer during his visit to the school that, the deplorable state of the school’s structures have become unattractive to any teacher posted to teach in the school.

“Teachers turn down postings to our school due to its bad state”, Nana bemoaned.

He said several attempts have been made to their superiors for help but to no avail.

“We’ve complained to our Member of Parliament, Hon. Johnson Kwaku Adu but nothing has change.”, he added.

On her part, the concern resident and the pioneer retired teacher helping the pupils, Madam Osei Faustina said, the situation is very pathetic for just one teacher taking charge of a whole basic school.

She opined that the tiduos work she is voluntary offering the school gives her ill health at all time.

“I don’t have time to rest. I’m a pensioner but because there are no teachers in the school, I have to help”,Mrs. Osei revealed.

Together with the Chief and the assembly member, they appealed to government and other benevolent individuals to come to their aid.

“As a matter of urgency, we are appealing to the government, affluent hands, NGOs and all persons who can help to come to our aid”, they sadly entreated.

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