Post the newly trained teachers now!!-MoE, MoF asked


Post the newly trained teachers now!!-MoE, MoF asked

Aggrieved Newly Trained Qualified Teachers which consists of the all Newly Qualified Trained Teachers from the 48 accredited training Colleges in Ghana have asked Government via the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to post them.

According to the Executives of the Association in an interview with filasconews today, Friday, November 12, 2021, failure on the part of the Government to post the 2020 batch of the qualified teachers will compel them to embark on a Nationwide Demonstration to get their issues addressed.

They added that, initially, Newly Qualified Trained Teachers do not do service but it has changed and now they have to write licensure exams and a year mandatory national service.

And when you qualified, you will be posted. They qualify but unable to open the portal to apply which is hurting and delaying their service.

The teachers sorrowfully disclosed that, their clearance and the opening of the portal was normally opened on September then by November, December, the postings will be out because their certificates are meant for teaching but nothing else.

“We are now in November 12 and still we have not had the clearance nor the opening of the portal”, they added crying that, nursing have been given their clearance hence opening their portal but the qualified teachers have not received theirs nor opening of their portal.

They are therefore asking, “where did were go wrong?”

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