Water disconnected at Nsokor police station

Emmanuel Asante, the community water manager at the Nsokor township has confirmed water supply had to be disconnected to the police station following a huge debt that has been running for years.

Speaking with Ali Baba Dankambari on Breaking News, the water manager for the area noted that he actually sent his boys to disconnect supply to households and institutions that owe.

According to him, since he became the Water manager for the area, the Nsokor Police station has never paid a water bill.

“I sent my boys to go on a disconnection mission to households and institutions that owes and later on I found out that the police station was part of those that were disconnected from supply,” He said.

He explained that apart from the fact that the police station has not paid for water bills since he became the water manager for the community in the last 2 years, there is a history of about 10 years of debt by the Nsokor police station owing water bill.

The assembly is reported to have promised to pay the water bills of the police station 10 years ago when the police station was completed.


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