Two notorious MoMo fraudsters arrested at Kasoa; others on the run

Two Notorious MoMo Fraudsters Arrested at Kasoa; others on the run

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The Kasoa District Police Command has arrested two notorious Mobile Money (MoMo) fraudsters at the Kasoa New Market.

The suspects whose accomplices are on the run reportedly defrauded a MoMo vendor of GHS1000.

Source says, they went to the vendor’s shop in a black Toyota Camry with the registration number GC 9123-21 under the pretext of depositing the amount.

Just after the vendor completed the process, they bolted with the GHS1000 they were to hand over for the transaction.

But the vendor hired a motorbike and gave them a hot chase, leading to the arrest of two under the Kasoa overhead while the other two fled.

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