So sad: Nursery Kid tied up, beaten to death by his class teacher

So sad: Nursery Kid tied up, beaten to death by his teacher

Emeka Nwogbo, a private school teacher, has been accused of flogging a year and seven-month-old pre-nursery kid at his school to death and has been arrested by the police.

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The small child was believed to have become sick following the harsh beatings and was rushed to the hospital, but his health condition deteriorated until he died on Saturday morning, according to sources.

According to one account, Udeze was flogged for assaulting another student, while another claimed the victim was punished for playing with a tap at school.

Gifty, the victim’s mother, revealed the heartbreaking news to reporters this morning.

She said these words herself:

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“I took him back to the school immediately to enquire why he was beaten that much.

The proprietress asked me if I knew the gravity of my son’s offence; a boy of a year and seven months.

I told her I would come back the next day to know the person who beat him.

On my way home, some pupils of the same school told me how my son was tied up and given several strokes of cane because he said he was hungry.

Throughout the night, he was running temperature. On Tuesday, I took him to the school to complain. The woman said I was disturbing the peace of the school.”

“On Thursday, he went into a coma. That was when I involved a non-governmental organisation and the police went to the school.

The woman’s son (Nwogbo) told the police that he flogged my son.

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“He said he (Udeze) was playing with the tap but his mother even said my son’s hand couldn’t reach where the tap is. At the GRA Police Station, he changed the narrative; he said my son pushed another child and he beat him. The proprietress herself claimed my son was stubborn and cried a lot.”

They said she collected the box from him and complained that he cried too much. They said the proprietress’ son tied him up and started flogging him.

He was my only child; my everything. He became so weak and died this morning (Saturday) at the emergency ward of the FMC,” she stated before breaking down in tears.


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